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Hi, I was wondering what was the best brands of eyeshadow/makeup were for those on a students budget? I've tried a few and they tend to fade or just, spread after a while and I look like a mess!

Hmm I’m actually not that great with makeup so I can’t really answer that question. But if you ask The Makeup Blog she’ll be able to tell. She’s an aspiring makeup artist so I’m sure she’ll have the answer you need. Sorry I didn’t have a direct answer! D:

This blog is so helpful, thank you for making it happen!

Your welcome! I’m just trying to put tid bits from the cosplaying community together in one blog :)




Emerald City Comic con 2013: Jade + Grandpa Harley by ~strawberrymilkchan

Cosplay. Bringing families together.

I think the resemblance between them is the best part.

Because that’s her actual grandfather. He goes with her to most cons she attends but really just calmly makes his way around the con, not really stopping to talk to people or anything. Just observing, letting her run off and do her own thing but still staying around if he’s needed. I see him at all the cons her and I both attend and I think it’s the coolest thing; I’m not sure if he knows me but he always meets my gaze and gives me the tiniest bit of a smile and a head nod. I barely notice it most times but it’s just become routine. I’ve never spoken to him but he is an amazing man.

You seriously have the best blog and I'm so happy that there are people out there that are as enthusiastic about cosplay as you are. I want to get just as skilled as you in the art of cosplay ^_^

Oh thank you so much! Honestly I just love cosplaying but most of the things on this blog are from other very talented people, I just want to give them credit and to let other people who love cosplaying see how they can make their favorite characters come to life. :)


i see a bunch of cosplayers with really odd looking attempts at freckles, and every cosplay is beautiful and to each their own ,but i think this tutorial on freckles is really awesome and looks really nice (and pretty natural)

Left 4 Dead Witch Hands


Things you shall need:

+ Masking Tape
+ Thin wire that you can bend easily
+ Napkins
+ Acrylic paints: Black, Burgundy, Red, and one that resembles your skin tone
+ Scissors
+ (Optional) Faux Blood

Step One: Making the Fingers

Picture of Making the Finger
Here, you shall need the Napkin (One), the Wire (However long you want, but the witch has long finger-claws), and the Masking Tape.

For napkins, you can use any type, really. I used the kind that they have at cheap restaurants: the rectangular kind with the fold down the center of its length. I taped the wire that I had already cut to my desired length down the middle, length-wise. Leave a little bit hanging out of the bottom, this little ‘tail’ of wire will come in handy later. Also, leave a longer ‘tail’ coming out from the top. This will serve as an ending point that isn’t as wide as the finger part, because it’ll be the sharp claw.

Once you have finished taping the wire to the napkin, roll the napkin starting from one side of the width, going all the way to the other side. It’ll only take a few turns, but you can make the fingers any width you want to fit your own fingers well.

Tape the rolled napkin closed so that you can continue. Now, using short strips of the masking tape (short strips are easier to work with), tape the entire finger [Image 2]. Bend the wire as you tape it all, bending at the joints where they would normally be, as if these were real fingers (She was human once, after all). Lave the bottom tail of wire sticking out, still. Make the top pointy by gradually making the finger thinner as you near the top.

Cut two smallish slits into the sides at the bottom, going from the bottom to top, not side-to-side. By doing this, it will ensure snugness when the claws are on. Try it on, and adjust to your comfort as needed. [Image 3]
Step Two: Painting
Picture of Painting
Once you are done making the claws, which I suggest you do all at once, arrange them in a way in which you can paint them and let them dry.

Start by painting the entire length of the finger with your skin-tone paint. Before it dries, layer the other colored paints on top. Use black heavily on the tip and fade it out as you move down. Mix in some burgundy, and little bits of the red. While it is still wet, you can add some of the fake blood. It will dry. This is okay. It will add a sort of dried blood effect, and you can always reapply blood when you want them to be gory.

As for paintbrushes: I literally using paper napkins. I just kind of crimped them in my hand and applied the paint with that. Once the paper started getting soggy, it starting to add a GREAT and gross texture to the claws. Kind of like little clumps of warts.

After you have finished painting them, let them dry completely. If using acrylic paints, it won’t take long.
Step Three: Finish up
Picture of Finish Up! :D
Once you are completely ready to sport your deadly claws, you will need some help from someone. You can assure them that it won’t be back breaking labor. ;)

Fit your fingers into the claws, but if the hardened paint is making it too difficult, feel free to cut the slits from before a bit more. Fit them over your fingers with the bottom tail of wire on the top of your finger. tape the claw closed unto your finger as far as you want (you want these to be comfortable, after all!). Do not tape so harshly that your fingers are dying from lack of blood flow, though. I don’t want you guys to lose your fingers, and I don’t think you would want that either.

On mine, the thumb is bent a bit too much near the base, but I can fix that up in a jiffy once I put them on for good with my witch costume.

After taping the claws onto your fingers, using the skin toned paint, paint from the base of the claw onto your finger and hand until it fades out into your actual skin color. Next do the same with the black and burgundy. And blood! You can add some more blood to the claws once you are completely finished so that you can boast about your most recent survivor kill.

I truly hope you enjoyed my tutorial on L4D’s Witch hands/claws! :D

Megacon 2014 Lady Cosplay
I’ll be posting how to make Kalina Ann soon