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Here’s some shots from yesterday photoset!!

Here is lalalorhen's amazing costly of Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow from the Marvel Universe.


So decided to show how my wings are attached to the costume. theres no wire coat hanger as a brace, No ribbon ties at your armpits, and no corset method! But what you will need is a bra with removable straps and clear bra straps!

Lets get started!

1) & 2) Okay! so you have your bra! Remove the straps from the bra! that simple!

3) Now take your straps and adjust them to your preference. Now i got mine from Joann craft and Fabric for $6 but you can basically find them anywhere. preferably go for the plain ones for this method.

4) Now hook the straps to the bra loops in the front but leave the back for now a moment!

5) Now on the back of my wing base, i have 3 short strips of ribbon tacked down 3 side by side. you need these for the back portion of the straps.

6) thread the straps through the ribbon loops and clip the bra in place.

7) now just clasp on your bra! Preferably have a friend help you shimmy into it and then adjust the wings. if theyre too high or low just pull them up or down gently until theyre at the height you want and theyre straightened out.

8) Put on your blouse and once again, preferably have a friend help you out otherwise your arms look like chicken wings and they will cramp!

And there you have it!! comfy wings without that annoying harness! Happy cosplaying loves!

and for the wings, i followed this tutorial —->

LED lights for beginners

Wanna light up your cosplay? Here you go. :)



August is DC Comics Selfie month, and to mark the event in our own way, we at Red Hot Comics have decided to have some fun with Selfies!

One lucky cosplayer  will win ALL 22 of the DC selfie variants! Plus we are offering runner up prizes of a six issue Comic subscription, and a 20% off  Warehouse voucher*!

All you need to do to enter is post a selfie of yourself in Cosplay and tag it #RedHotComicsSelfie, either here on Tumblr or on Twitter. We will reblog all the entries here and on our Facebook page, before putting a shortlist up for public vote. Although inspired by DC’s initiative, you can appear as ANYONE in the World of ComicDom!!  :)  

Closing date for entries is  Midnight August 16th. 

Competition is open to everyone!

Winners will be announced on AUGUST 28th! More details to follow. 

*20% off voucher only redeemable in our physical store in Castlemilk Glasgow until DECEMBER 31st. .

Red Hot Comics is Scotland’s leading eBay store for comics and related toys and collectibles. Check out our store here!  Like our   Facebook page here!


The 4 Robin Williams films yet to come.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
Merry Friggin’ Christmas
Absolutely Anything

This man right here. It honestly pains me to know of his passing I was at work when I read about it and I didn’t believe it until I got home. I thought “there’s no way such a happy looking man who brought me so many smiles could have done this to himself.” Then I realized it was true and I can’t help but wonder how a man who brought happiness and joy to so many people was himself unhappy. They say those who smile the brightest tend to be the saddest, and in this moment it rings more true than ever before. I never had the opportunity to meet him but that doesn’t make the pain any less. To me Robin Williams was a person whom I truly adore and hold dear to my heart. He brought me laughter and joy when I was down throught out my whole life.. I wish I could have hugged him at least once and I truly hope that his legacy continues and that the joy he brought me he’ll continue to bring even after this incredibly sad day.



Sorrynotsorry for the long post. (≧∇≦)/

Sadly it’s not as detailed as the other tutorial, but I didn’t intend to make one first and so I had to use the pictures I had.

Asuna | Sword Art Online

Heroine & Shin | AMNESIA