Music Player Code ‘s Poison Ivy cosplay and video:)

The music video:

Alison “Dazzler” Blaire music video - “Sight of the Sound” starring Gentry Roth (twitter: @piedpiperspeaks) and featuring costume design by Leetal Platt ( . Directed by Arvin Bautista (

See the music video (featuring a cameo by Longshot, Lila Cheney, and more!) and more shots of the cosplay at


Here’s a handy dandy color reference chart for you artists, writers, or any one else who needs it! Inspired by this post x

When you are making your own garments and are looking for fabric, knowing the exact name of the color you are looking for will make things easier both for you and the person helping you who hasn’t seen that show the character you’re cosplaying is on. I hope this will help!

- Marie

How to create a breastplate using Worbla

Just put subtitles!! This girl is an amazing cosplayer.

do you make cosplay props? if so do you have any tips on how to make horns and a warhammer? ~sincerely Psychotic_Flapjack

I do and I have a tutorial on how to make horns some where on this page. The war hammer can be detailed with worbla and clay. 




I’m not a cosplayer but I’ve seen a lot of people cosplaying as dark elves from Skyrim with their faces just painted solid grey or black. I’ve been playing it recently and so I tried to get this a bit closer to how the characters look in the game. 

Excuse the blotchy red on my head, I’ve just dyed my hair!

Mehron Paradise paints

This is the best Dark Elf makeup I’ve ever seen, the prosthetics, contouring and contacts work perfectly!

- Marie

Do you think you might have anything for weapons? I'm Cosplaying a character and one of the biggest pieces of the costume is his ax. [Character is APH Denmark, and I'm Cosplaying the viking designs for him.] Thank you!!

I don’t have anything for that specific character, but if you want to make an axe it’s fairly simple and cheap! 


Here I have the axe I used to make Kalina Ann, I know its not like the axe you want to make but I can give you some tips. In order to make the axe you want you need to use either a bamboo stick (If you can find one, it adds some really nice texture) or a plain wooden stick which can be found in home depot. Make sure the diameter is big enough to saw through without cracking the wood. You’ll have to saw the middle of the stick and sand it out. It’s a bit tedious but it works. Next you’ll need a sheet a wood since the blade you be making has some texture be sure to draw out the blade before you start to saw out the design. After you saw out the design sand out the edges to give a smooth look. Paint both before you connect them together. Here is where it gets a little frustrating, slide the blade into the wooden stick, it should be a snug fit and the top of the stick wood start to bend out. Be careful while you’re doing this since its very easy to break. Screw down the top and there you go the basic shape! Now you can start adding detail using clay and foam paper. :)

Misa Makeup

Tools Used:
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyelid primer
- Army-green eyeshadow in light, medium and dark
- Red lipliner as eyeliner
- Black gel eyeliner
- Pink shimmery eyeliner pencil
- Mascara

Apply the medium green eyeshadow all over the lid up to the hollow of the eyesocket.

Shade the outer V of your eyelid with the dark green eyeshadow, and put a bit on the outer half of your lower lid as well. Clear the outer corner of your eyes of eyeshadow using a Q-tip.

Apply the light green shadow to your browbone and extend it downwards in a C-shape around your eyes to the top of your cheekbones. Blend the dark and light green together a bit.

Put the red liner on the inner V of your eyes, staying a bit away from the actual lashline. Red products are not recommended to be used right next to your eyes, so be careful!

Apply the black gel liner as shown, going between the red and your waterline. Leave a gap at the outer corner, and do two “wings” with the liner.

Apply the pink shimmery eyeliner to your waterline and between the two black “wings”. You can use white liner for a more dramatic effect.

Finally, curl your lashes and apply mascara, and color in your brows if you like.